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Ballaga & Freedman, LLP, is a boutique law firm with a broad ranging practice focused on both transactions and litigation.  The firm represents clients in commercial and residential real estate sales and acquisitions, leasing and complex financing, corporate and other commercial transactions, both first and third party insurance-based claims matters as well as business and real estate litigation, including title insurance litigation and claims. Our representative clients include buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, developers, investors (both foreign and domestic), title insurance carriers and agents, multinational companies, financial institutions and both insurers and insureds, depending on the particular circumstance. We also have an extensive condominium practice. Our lawyers have created and terminated residential and office condominiums as well as served as counsel for condominium associations. Our experience in the insurance arena is most extensive in the title insurance industry, having investigated and assisted in the detection of numerous financial frauds and defalcations and the recovery of misappropriated assets. Learn more about us